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Laura Lantz Interview



Hi there readers , I got a chance to chat with Laura Frantz about why she became an author, her latest books and what’s in the future for upcoming novels. Check it out below : ( there’s a sweet reader’s choice giveaway chance at the end of this interview. “Just tell me if you have ever read any of Laura Frantz’s books and if so what’s your favorite 🙂

1. Me : Where did the desire coming from to become an author ?

Laura : I think it’s God’s gifting and often known at a young age. I was 7 when I knew. Recently I found an old journal and I’d written in very childish letters, “I want to be an author.” It made me smile. I didn’t really have a clue what an author was at that age !

2. Me: Who is your favorite author ?

Laura: Oh, I have so many but right now it would be Elswyth Thane who wrote historical fiction until about 1980 or so. She had an amazing command of the English language and a great grasp of history. As far as authors within the CBA, I would say Liz Curtis Higgs, Francine Rivers, Serena Miller, Joanne Bischof, Joan Hochstetler, Julie Lessman, MaryLu Tyndall, and Lori Benton. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone but am sure I am!

3. Me: Where does the inspiration for your stories come from ?

Laura: Lots of real-life history! For example, the inspiration behind my latest novel, Love’s Reckoning, came from a little snippet I read that said colonial apprentices often married into the family they apprenticed with. For Courting Morrow Little I used my lifelong fascination with Indian captivity stories. I think the Lord is the source of our greatest inspiration as history is really His story and there is so much to draw from.

4. Me: What do you think makes a good hero or heroine ?

Laura: Integrity for the most part. They need to have both good qualities and a few flaws. Mostly they need to have a heart for each other and the Lord. If the reader falls in love with a character or feels the character is a friend or someone they’d like to know, then an author has done a good job in creating them.

5. Me: What is your favorite book to have written ( if you have one) who are your favorite characters?

Laura: I think of my books kind of like I think of my kids and can’t pick just one! But I do have a special fondness for Eden Lee in Love’s Reckoning because of her gentle spirit and the way she lets the Lord right the wrongs in her life. And I love Colonel McLinn in The Colonel’s Lady because he’s such a tortured soul and struggles with many of the things I struggle with.

6. Me : What do you think makes a good romance ?

Laura: Lots of romantic tension and angst. When the heroine and hero are together the reader needs to feel that sizzle or romantic pull. Readers need to fall a little in love with the hero themselves.
7. Me: Do you have any fun things that help to get you in the writing mood?

Laura: Oh my yes, great question! I love music such as soundtracks from romantic or dramatic films. Or instrumental tracks like fiddle music or harp music or classical.

8. Me: What are you reading right now ?

Laura: Just research books mostly but I’m getting ready to read Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden. Love that cover! I tend to read mostly historical fiction but I do like a contemporary novel now and then.

9. Me: Can you tell us anything about any new writing projects coming soon?

Laura : There are 2 more Ballantyne books to go and then I return to 18th-century Virginia to write a story about a young widow and an arranged marriage. Can’t wait!

10. Me : What do you hope that readers take ways from your stories ?

Laura: That the Lord loves them and has a plan for their life. That no matter what happens He is always there for them and will bring good from whatever happens to them. He really is the Father who never fails us.

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Jasmine just couldn’t be like her sisters. She wanted a life of excitement, fame and adventure in the theater . Her sisters believe that a life in the theater would only lead to problems, and so does David, her best friend. In an attempt to pursue her dreams, Jasmine runs away to join a traveling theater group, only to realize that everything is not what seems and that she is closer to danger than what she ever imagined . When David is assigned to investigate the recent slew of robberies, he is surprised to discover that the culprit is much close to home than he imagined and he learns so much more about the childhood friend that has blossomed into the woman he loves.

Jasmine is a wonderful read with witty dialogue and intriguing and loveable characters. The story is full of page turning drama that will keep you guessing till the very end.

A Vow for Always


The final installment in The Discovery Saga finds Meredith preparing to move on with her life . After a proposal from Jonah, Meredith starts to move toward a future as his wife, but things turn topsy turvery when she finds out a shocking revelation just hours before her wedding . Will her feelings for Jonah be enough to make her promise a vow for always ?

This delightful book will keep you on the edge of your seat, trying to guess the ending.

Josiah’s treasure


Sarah’s past haunts her like a ghost she can’t get rid of , still she is determined to help those in need and better the lives of those around her . She has been left an inheritance by a man that took her in as his own daughter . Her plans to provide work for the young immigrants in need of work seem to e within grasp, all until a man shows up claiming to be Josiah’s son and threatening to turn her plans and world upside down. Will Sarah’s dreams become a reality and will she discover Josiah’s real treasure ?

In Plain View


Annie gave up everything she knew as a successful businesswoman for a simple Amish life. Finding a new love in the Amish community seems like just the encouragement she needs to become a full fledged Amish woman, but when a mysterious bombing puts her at the center of suspicion and another Amish woman enters the picture, will love be enough to turn her Amish for good or will she go back to being what she has always known … English. Is her future in plain view?

If you like an Amish love story with a hint of mystery, you will find In Plain View, charming.

New interviews and book reviews coming soon

Hi there, just wanted to say that new interviews and book reviews are on the way. I got to catch up with Rachel Hauck and Murray Pura on their latest creations and I am so excited to be able to share that with you. Plus keep your eyes open for reviews of Whispers of a New Dawn, A Noble Groom, and Though my Heart is Torn.

Until Then,
Happy Reading !

Wishing on Willows


In the wake of tragedy, Robin Price is trying to rebuild her life and clinging to her past . Everything changes when a new developer by the name of Ian McKay comes into town, threatening to turn her world upside down. Robin’s life is all wrapped up in yesterday and she can’t bear all of the changes facing her and making the picture of her future . Will Robin trust God with her uncertainty and allow her heart to be open to another chance at love? Can beauty really found through wishing on willows?

Wishing on Willows is a tender and moving story about moving past tragedy, trusting Gid for the future and opening your heart to love .