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Lovelier Than Daylight


Susana is a staunch believer in everything temperance . She becomes embroiled in family troubles when her sister’s home is ripped apart . Trouble brews further when Johann, the son of a brewer, brings his father’s business to town . The two are destined to fight of wills, but are they destined to fall in love as well?

Lovelier than Daylight is an honest look at the wars between the temperance society and those who wanted to drink alcohol, woven into a beautiful love story . It is interesting an engaging read that will make you want to journey with the characters right to the end .

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Amorelle finds herself in a precarious situation. She must marry or leave the only home she has ever known after the death of her father. She decides to leave her home and stay with relatives. Her life is seemingly set in stone until she meets the handsome George . The two quickly seem to fall in love until she meets Garrison. Will her young heart be able to determine true love , or will she say I do to the wrong man.

This stirring novel provides both sweetness and depth as it tackles the issues of finding true love in a genuine and honest way . It is truly worth the read .

Secretly Smitten


This charming collection of stories follow four sisters and their sweet romances while chronicling a family secret all surrounding the town of Smitten,Vermont . This book is full of fun, real, and relatable characters that will leave you wishing that this fictional town was real.

Trouble in Store


When Melanie Ross gets fired from her job after a false accusation, the only thing she has is an offer to go out west to run a mercantile left to her by her uncle, but problems ensue when she realizes that she is not the only one with claims to the store .

Caleb Nelson is frustrated when Melanie shows up out of no where and claims to have inherited the store . He knows that he has trouble on his hands. After being at odds, certain circumstances push them together , changing the course of their lives for ever.

Trouble in Store is a read for those who like mystery, romance and a little bit of wit thrown in for good measure.

The Heiress of Winterwood


Amelia made a promise to her her dying friend to care for her daughter and she is determined to carry out her promise , even if it mean doing the shocking … proposing to a near stranger while being engaged to a wealthy and successful gentleman.

Garret is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, when he is shocked by a proposal from the lovely and determined Amelia. She makes it clear that she is doing this for the sake of her promise alone; but are they destined to be together for so much more .

This delightful and engaging read will warm your heart and stay with you long after the last page.

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