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Small Town Girl

Sensible Kate ‘s heart is breaking as she watches her sister marry the man she has loved for year. Further complications ensue when she falls for the groom’s best friend against her better judgement . When one fateful night threatens to complicate her already difficult journey to love , will Kate and Jay discover that God has another purpose in mind .

A special note : this beautiful love story had one issue of concern to me . The leading man in the story was not a believer . Even though he becomes a believer at the end of the story , he develops his relationship with Kate while he is unsaved . That raises some concerns because the Bible tells us not to become unequally yoked with unbelievers . Besides that the story is a lovely one that many readers will enjoy.

Twice Loved


Hi there dear readers, I recently finished reading Twice Loved! This thoroughly heartwarming book tells the story of Dan and Bev, two people who have lost love ones and long for something more . Through tragedy and grief three things more beautiful are born: faith, hope , and most importantly love . This sweet and delightful little story of filled with all the ingredients of a good love story you will want to savor again and again. I would recommend this story for romantics and those who enjoy inspirational stories .