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A Cowboy For Katie

Dock After losing her father in a terrifying tornado, Katie Pearl vows to never be the marrying time. However her plans for independence are ruined when handsome cowboy Thad enters her life. Though the townspeople say she is strange, he takes her offer to rebuild the home she lost and two grow closer, tiptoeing on the edges of love, while trying not to tumble headlong into its rushing stream. However, the pas both threatens to loom over the happiness of the future, leaving them to both confront issues of trust that change the course of their lives forever.  A Cowboy for Katie features a lovely feisty heroine and a handsome determined hero who readers will be rooting for time and time again:)

ButterMilk Sky



What happens when a likeable heroine gets mixed up with two very different guys vying for her heart while she is miles away from home? Gentle and spunky Mazy  finds her heart in the crosshairs and she is torn between the handsome, steady, loyal Chanis  and the charming flirtatious loyal.  This sweet, tender, down to earth story has a simple appeal that will keep you wanting to read more after the last page.