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Hi there to all my readers. I have been very busy as I am in the world of school and have done almost nothing but read textbooks. However, Spring Break is coming! This means… more blog posts about some fabulous books coming you way, so stay tuned!!!:)



Review: Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma PLUS Giveaway!

This looks beautiful 🙂

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Remember the LiliesRemember the Lilies is another beautiful addition to Liz Tolsma’s series of books which are set during World War II. This is definitely a stand alone story, however, and can be read independently of the others in the series. Once again, I was very impressed with the author’s ability to make me truly feel that I was back in time and going through the struggles along with the characters.

The setting is very interesting and one that I was not terribly familiar with. Everything takes place in the Philippines, mostly in the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. I thought that there was an excellent balance in the story of the struggles that the prisoners were facing, as well as everyday moments, and also hope for the future. Granted, there are some disturbing and painful incidents in the story, which serves to make it very realistic. And, as time goes by, the hope…

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