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A Loyal Heart

FEBDA79D-76E0-4B43-BDEB-A6A7F5023FDAWhen the lovely, fiesty, Lady Olivia and her beautiful, gentle sister are captured by Sir Aldric at the command of Lord Put, it’s not weapons, but sparks that fly between the two amidst a dangerous situation that could cost the two and those they love their very lives ! This swoon worthy , heart pounding medevial romance will leave you breathless . It’s a page turner you won’t want to put down .

I love the chemistry that develops between the characters . It’s very believable and balances  desire with restratint and passion with self – control!

Here is one of my favorite quotes :

AB4881A8-F61A-4DBA-9ED2-D75FA3EC2FF8This book is a gem you will want to return to again and again 🙂

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Reading Update !

Hi Dear Readers , things have been crazy , but I am super excited to announce that I am releasing a new crop of book reviews and upcoming fiction highlights !