Babel by Brennan Mcpherson

A sweeping, epic retelling of the story of the Tower of Babel. . . 

More than a century after the worldwide flood, Noah, now the forefather of the living world, works peacefully in his vineyard until tragedy tears apart his relationship with his son, Ham.

Years later, dark prophetic dreams inextricably link him with a young man carrying scars from a painful past, and a young woman who longs for acceptance yet harbor secrets darker than either of them imagine.

Will Noah face the role he played in the slow unraveling of his family? Or will everything collapse when they meet the evil attempting to swallow the world at. . . the Tower of Babel?

This heart-pounding Biblical novel is an engaging look at one of the Bible’s most fascinating characters, and gives a window into one of the great mysteries that have permanently affected civilization today… the infamous Tower of Babel! This novel gives some context to the relationship between Noah and his children and the power of prophecy and the ability for a word to set the course of history in motion.

While this is fiction, it does a wonderful job of framing the Biblical narrative . Brennans writing is truly captivating and is hard to put down. It also sheds light on an aspect of Biblical history that not much detail is known about . To find out more about the author please visit

Until Next Time,

Happy Reading

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